Recent Projects

Recent projects

If you are interested in either of the projects mentioned below please contact Sheila on 0121 478 3310

Voices Of War          

World War one, also known as the Great War, was a distinctly modern conflict in many ways.  However, like wars throughout history, it inspired a tremendous amount of creative output from artists and writers, civilians and combatants, men and women.

Though we may read about dates and numbers when we study historic conflicts, the lived reality of World War 1 becomes much more vivid when we look at the diverse creative expressions it inspired.

Allen’s Cross Community Association has been looking at the Art, Poetry and Music produced during WW1 and its effect on the lives of ordinary people.  The project has been supported by National Lottery Players via the Heritage Lottery Fund

Photographs from the project can be seen here


Allen’s Cross ‘Growing Neighborhoods’ Project:

Image result for community garden clipartWorking in partnership with Northfield Eco Centre
The Community Garden has been awarded Britain in Bloom level 5 – Outstanding.  


Allen’s Cross ‘Growing Neighbourhoods’ project is an exciting  project supported by
Big Lottery Reaching Communities to develop a thriving community garden.  If you are a keen gardener or would just like to learn how come along and join us, our trained gardener’s are here to help.
The garden is open to people of all age groups and abilities.

If you want to learn more click the link below.

Allen’s Cross ‘Growing Neighbourhoods project 

We have recently been asked to exhibit at the Malvern Spring Festival.  It was a wonderful event and a real accolade for the staff and volunteers involved.  Well done all