How to become a member of Allens Cross Community Association.

Membership of Allens Cross Community Association is open, irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, age, nationality, disability, and race or of political, religious or other opinions to:

Individuals aged eighteen years and over:

a) Who live in the area of benefit:
Allens Cross housing estate plus Northfield, Weoley, Frankley and Bartley Green.

b) Who live outside the area of benefit, may apply for Associate membership.

Individuals aged under eighteen years, whether living inside or outside the area of benefit, are entitled to apply for Junior membership

Individual members may attend general meetings of the association and have the power to vote provided they have been a member for a total of four clear months. Junior members may attend as observers but do not have the power to vote. Associate Group members may elect two of their number to vote on their behalf.


To become a member of Allens Cross Community Association please  contact:
Tish Parker-Hughes, Admin Assistant
[email protected]
0121 478 3310


The Association takes Data Protection very seriously and only keeps the minimum personal data necessary for administration purposes.  Your personal data will not be shared without your permission.  Details of our code of practice on data protection can be found here Code of Practice