Corporal James Higgins

My Grandfather – Corporal James Higgins 55729 was in part one orders.

1001 Act of Gallantry WW1

The Field Marshal Commander-in-Chief has much pleasure in recording his appreciation of the courageous and presence of mind shown by No 55729 Corporal Higgins 113th Railway Company, Royal Engineers, Pont d’Ardres on the 21st of June 1915 under the following circumstances:
An elderly French workman fell into a canal at that place, 11 feet down. As he could not swim, he would probably have drowned had it not been for Corporal Higgins immediately coming to his rescue. This N.C.O. dived from a barge into the canal and held up the French workman until help arrived, the Field Marshal Commander-in-Chief has decreed that the above be recorded as laid down in King’s Regulations 1919, 55729 Corporal Higgins.

Thank you for reading my part of my history,
Alan H Higgins