Charlotte Mary Mew

Charlotte Mary Mew was born in London on November 15th 1869. As a poet she was well regarded by both Ezra Pound and Siegfried Sassoon. Haunted by unrequited passion and tormented with fear of madness, she lived her life mainly in states of poverty and despair and took her own life on March 24th 1928.

May 1915

Let us remember Spring will come again
To the scorched, blackened woods, where the wounded trees
Wait with their old wise patience for the heavenly rain,
Sure of the sky: sure of the sea to send its healing breeze,
Sure of the sun, and even as to these
Surely the Spring, when God shall please,
Will come again like a divine surprise
To those who sit today with their great Dead, hands in their hands
Eyes in their eyes
At one with Love, at one with Grief: blind to the scattered thingsĀ 
And changing skies.